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Attention important information for owners of Swiss 0900 service numbers    
 Service 0900
A 0900 premium rate number gives you the opportunity to offer phone or data services to your customers and to charge them at the same time on their phonebill for the use of your service. Each premium rate number is assigend to a tariff charged to callers in the so called offline billing method.This means that you are free to determine any tariff of your choice up to a max. of 3,00 EURO per minute, when using a per minute tariff, or 10,00 EURO per call, when using a per call tariff. You may determine a tarif per minute or per call or a combination of both of them.


 Servicenumbers worldwide
Since 1990 we offer our valued customers servicenumbers of all kind in a lot of countries all over the world. In more than 20 countries we are present. For all other countries we offer you international billing solutions. We optain our servicenumbers allmost completely from domestic carreers from each of those countries. Therefore we can offer you allways the best conditions to your satisfaction. 0900 premium rate numbers in more than 20 countries, Freecall numbers in more than 50 countries, Sharedcost numbers in more than 10 countries, Geographic numbers, numbers with local area codes in more than 60 countries and International Billing Solutions worldwide

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