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Attention important information for owners of Swiss 0900 service numbers    
ACD means automatic call distribution.

Incoming calls will be routed to a voice computer system and then will be rerouted on the basis of specific criterias to the responsible department or staff.

If a company for example offers a hotline service the ACD will enable them to offer that hotline 24 hours a day 7 days a week without any need to buy expensive telecommunication hardware. If the company operates with 20 hotline consultants who are working from their homes the ACD would be setup as follows:

Each telephone agent will be asigned a personal PIN- and ID-number. When an agent is ready to take calls he simply calls the ACD and enters his PIN- and ID-number using his telephone keypad. From that moment the ACD will route calls to that agent. As soon as the agent calls again to finish work he enters the PIN- and ID-number and the ACD will no longer route calls to that agent.

That way an unlimited number of telefon agents can be logged in at the same time and the incoming calls will be routed to the agents on the basis of specific criterias. This may be criterias like the qualification of each agent or simply to distribute the calls the way that each agent will receive the same number of calls.

The ACD system also offers the opportunity to provide individual anouncements and hold on music. Also functions like redirect calls or silent key is included up to the opportunity to record calls and replay them if needed.

Not only hotline consultants but also callcenters or different subsidiaries of a company can be switched together by the ACD System. Subsidiaries around the globe can be connected with the ACD and can be integrated into the automatic call distribution for example depending on time zones.

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